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Orders and Login

Thank your for your order/renewal!

See below some of the answers of some of the most common questions plus additional information to your membership/subscription:

How long does does the setup/renewal take?
The process of setting up or updating your membership/subscription is a
manual one. So overnight and on weekends the processing of orders and renewals will take longer (Pacific Time that is!).
I am a one-man show and need to sleep sometimes and also need a break. Usually during the day processing should take no longer than one to two hours (give or take).

I did not get my access code!
As part of the process you will receive a welcome message that contains the access code. If you did not receive it (in the time frame mentioned above) please check your online S P A M folder as it might have ended up there.

For new orders your access code is usually your 5 digit invoice number. In case of renewals your credentials do not change.

I still cannot log in!
Here are the things to check:
Make sure you entered your email correctly and completely!
Confirm your access code!
Make sure your browser accepts cookies from the site as the system uses cookies to keep you logged in.

Click here to find out how to enable Cookies in Your Web Browser!

Where do I get further support?
For more support join the Lottery Secrets Group on Facebook. There are always moderators or other members there who can quickly help with info, links and such. As a one-man show email support is often slower and sporadic.

Join or visit the Lottery Secrets Group now!

Additional information:
There will be NO automatic renewals ever. You decide whether you want to renew or not. You will also not get any automatic invoices etc.
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